AT&T 3B1/7300 (UNIX PC) Information

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Unix PC Archive Holdings

These files come from some of the archives of 3b1/7300 software including the ones at Ohio State and UUNET.

Most of these files are in gzip format and many are in tar format. Follow this link for the tools to unpack them on the 3b1.

For file transfer, the best tool is good old kermit. Follow this link for info.



Archives of comp.sources.3b1

XINU for the 7300/3b1

Other 3B1 Information


The older version of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list has been converted to HTML, and let's face it... not much has happened in the past two years so I'm leaving it up here.


Due to the age of some of these links, I'm including my best guess as to their age... for new links, that's when I added them to this list. For old links, it's the most recent date I can find in their files -- peter.


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