Description of AT&T UNIXpc Software Area
Last generated on: Thu Apr 27 20:25:59 EDT 1995
Maintained by: Dave Brierley
E-Mail: dave@galaxia.network23.com

This file describes the contents of the AT&T UNIXpc software archive
directory.  This archive is available from the following machines:

 archive.cis.ohio-state.edu: ftp only, ~ftp/pub/att7300
 osu-cis: anonymous uucp only, ~uucp/att7300
 uunet.uu.net: ftp & uucp, ~ftp/systems/att7300 or ~uucp/systems/att7300


*.cpio files are created using cpio -oBc, and generally contain compiled
       binaries and/or uudecoded files making installation easier.
*.tar  files are created using tar cvf command.
*.sh   files are shar archives (source only).
*bin   files are generally binary only distributions of the software 
       (eg. kermit-bin.Z is a binary of the kermit program)
*+IN   files are compressed cpio archives in "installation format" placing
       the files in /usr/spool/uucppublic and using the user-agent (UA) to
       install from "electronic mail" will work, otherwise unpack using 
       cpio -icduvmB and install manually (look at 'Install' file for 
       more hints)

In addition to the suffixes listed above, most of the files are compressed
using either the standard compress utility or the GNU gzip program.

*.Z    files are compressed using the standard compress utility.  Use the
       "uncompress" command to uncompress them.  If for some reason you
       do not already have uncompress (it is part of the standard system),
       a copy of the source may be found in the file "compress.cpio" in
       the "archivers" directory.
*.gz   files are compressed using the GNU "gzip" utility.  An executable
       for this program is included in the "csvax" directory, as is a copy
       of the source.  The source may also be obtained from any standard
       GNU archive site.

Of course, everything is provided as-is and with absolutely no
warranty of any kind.

The shar files (source-only) will require you to need a C compiler 
(and thus the development kit) to build things in that archive file
(excluding info files, of course).  

As of May 1991, the README file will be available as three separate files.
This file is called README and is the uncompressed version of this file.
The file README.Z is the compressed version of this file, and the file
called README.quick.Z is just a list of the files in the archive with no
descriptions.  It can be used for a quick check on what has been added or

**                                                                      **
**                                                                      **
** Some of the programs that are provided in this archive are GNU       **
** programs that have been compiled for the ATT 7300/3B1, typically     **
** targetting version 3.51 of the OS.  These files in this archive      **
** are usually just the binary executable and any required support      **
** files.  The source may be obtained from any standard GNU archive     **
** site.  At the time of this writing, this archive is available on     **
** the FTP/UUCP server at UUNET and the FTP/UUCP server at Ohio State   **
** University and both of those machines also contain a complete copy   **
** of the GNU archives.  If at any point you have trouble locating the  **
** source for any of the GNU utilities provided in this archive send    **
** me a mail message and I will assist you in locating the source.      **
**                                                                      **
**     David H. Brierley                                                **
**     ATT 7300/3B1 Archive Maintainer                                  **
**     27 April 1995                                                    **
**     dave@galaxia.network23.com                                       **
**                                                                      **


95/03/28 03:04    55454 README
95/04/27 20:15      894 README.GNU
95/03/28 03:04    25915 README.Z
95/03/28 03:04    55454 README.html
95/04/27 20:25        0 README.quick
95/03/28 03:04     8216 README.quick.Z

	The various incarnations of the README file (this file).
	The file README.html is a quick and dirty hack to convert
	this file into an HTML document than can be viewed using
	a standard WWW browser.  Links have been added for all of
	the files so that you can just point and click to download
	a file.