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communications/kermit2.doc.gz (91/10/12)
communications/ (91/10/12)
These are documentation files from C-Kermit version 5A. The latest version is 6.0, but most of the information still holds. This version supports the UNIXpc on-board modem (use 'set modem att7300' followed by 'set line /dev/ph0' or 'set line /dev/ph1'). It's quite a bit larger than the older versions and has many new features, including sliding windows. (Placing a "t" or "p" when dialing in the phone number will set tone and pulse respectively). is the ckuker.ann from, and the kermit2.doc.Z is the ckuker.doc from the same place.
communications/pcomm.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Version 1.2.10 of pcomm, a public-domain communications program patterned after the popular MS-DOS program PROCOMM.
communications/uuenc.shar.gz (93/02/26)
A version of uuencode/uudecode.
communications/uw.tar.gz (91/10/12)
This implements the client side of the "uw" protocol 1. This "UNIX Windows" protocol is popular on Macintosh's. This program does support dialing out using the OBM, or any other device that the dial(3C) call supports (unforunately you'll need a line in L-devices, which is not the same as the HDB Devices file, if you are running HDB).
communications/vtem.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
VT100 emulator implemented using the PTY device driver. Requires to work. Very slow emulator, but that's probably a pty problem.
communications/xmodem36.tar.gz (93/10/13)
Source for programs that use the xmodem protocol.