comp.sources.3b1 Archive Volume 1

These are the packages found in Volume 1 of the comp.sources.3b1 archive. The original message posted to comp.sources.3b1 with this list reads:
Path: comp-sources-3b1
From: (David H. Brierley)
Subject:  v01INF2:  List of sources in the archive
Newsgroups: comp.sources.3b1
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Submitted-by: (David H. Brierley)
Posting-number: Volume 1, Info 2
Archive-name: info2

A few people have asked for this so I decided to post it.  This is a
complete list of the contents of the comp.sources.3b1 archives.  The list is
presented twice; first sorted by issue number and then sorted by archive
name.  As far as I know, all of these files are available from both uunet
and osu-cis.  On uunet the directory name is "usenet/comp.sources.3b1" and
on osu-cis (aka the directory name is either
"~uucp/comp.sources.3b1" or "~ftp/pub/comp.sources.3b1", depending on whether
you use uucp or ftp.

In both of the lists below, the archive name is included in parentheses
after the subject.  To form a complete file name for any of the files
listed, take the base name given above, append the directory name
"volume01", then append the archive name listed, and finally append the
string ".Z".  (all of the files are stored compressed) For example:  to
retrieve the "afio" source from uunet you would retrieve the file

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