documents/3.5drive (91/10/12)
Various iv description files and other randomness for use with 3.5" floppy drives. Several people have been running 3.5" 720Kb floppy drives on their UNIXpc with no problems. At least it increases the capacity of floppies for the 3B1 to 800Kb from 400Kb! High density (1.2Mb or 1.44Mb) floppies is still an impossibility...
documents/3.5faq (94/09/21)
Answers to frequently asked questions about how to add a 3.5 inch floppy drive to a 3B1/7300. Maintained by Robert Haar.
documents/ (91/10/12)
UNIX PC Version 3.0 Device Driver Development Guide - Issue 0a (modified). This paper is part of the UNIX-PC Device Driver Development Kit, and provides guidance for developers writing dynamically installable device drivers for the UNIX-PC.
documents/DRUNpatch (91/10/12)
Information about the DRUN patch. This is a hardware upgrade that is required in some machines to be able to make use of disks larger than 1024 cylinders, regardless of whether you have the WD-2010 disk controller or not. The file contains information on how to determine if you need the patch and how to install the patch if you do need it. WARNING: hardware hacking is required.
documents/ (91/10/12)
The Diagnostic Disk Generator. This memo will describe the installation and use of a tool that allows vendors to create a customized diagnostic disk quickly while requiring that they only know the internals of their devices.
documents/ (91/10/12)
Information about Fixdisk 2.0 for software version 3.51: detailed list of bug fixes, new window driver capabilities, and the "metermaid."
documents/HDB_Modem (91/10/12)
This file explains how to setup and connect an external modem using HDB to the UNIX PC. In particular it discusses the configuration of a hayes compatiblem modem.
documents/HWNotes01-15 (91/10/12)
John Milton's Hardware Notes 1-15.
documents/P5.1 (91/10/12)
Instructions on how to perform the P5.1 motherboard upgrade (allowing the use of hard drives with more than 8 heads).
documents/RAMupgrade.gz (92/09/21)
Several documents that relate to increasing the amount of RAM available in your machine.
documents/ (91/10/12)
Map of UNIXpc bus pinouts. For hardware hackers and similar freaks.
documents/compress.magic (91/10/12)
Additions to /etc/magic so file(1) can recognize compressed files.
documents/cross-pointers (93/12/31)
A posting regarding building cross-development environments for the 7300/3b1.
documents/faq.part01 (94/09/22)
documents/faq.part02 (94/09/22)
A probably out of date copy of the Frequently Asked Questions document of the AT&T 3B1/7300.
documents/fast2010.gz (91/10/12)
Info on how to improve disk performance when the WD2010 disk driver chip is installed.
documents/hd.list (91/10/12)
List of hard drives (and their specs) that are known to work on the UNIXpc.
documents/ipctut.tar (91/10/12)
A roff-format tutorial on sockets, by Alex Crain.
documents/ (91/10/12)
Pin-out diagram for the power supply for the 3B1/7300's. Also the power outputs for the various kinds of power supplies.
documents/ (91/10/12)
Information on how/where to get your UNIXpc repaired.
documents/ (91/10/12)
Accessing skeeve's UNIXpc & Gnu software archives.
documents/ (91/10/12)
How to set-up and use a Trailblazer modem. tb-setup is a bunch of entries for HDB uucp, with S-registers, Dialer, Devices, Sysfiles, and inittab entries; it should save hours in configuring your TB on your UNIXpc. Includes setup for BA4.00 and BA5.01 ROMS.
documents/ (91/10/12)
Latest listing of sites that carry the unix-pc newsgroup hierarchy.
documents/upcbof.s89 (91/10/12)
documents/upcbof.w90 (91/10/12)
UNIXpc BOF Minutes for the Summer '89 and Winter '90 USENIX Technical Conferences. Gil and I were unable to attend Summer '90, so there was no BOF that I know of.