3.1. Can I use the GNU C compiler in place of the hard-to-find development set?

	In theory, anyway, most of what you need from the Development
Set can be obtained elsewhere.  There are at least five things that
you need to do C programming on the UNIX PC:
	o a C compiler
		Use GCC (binary available in languages/gcc-gas.tar.Z
		on OSU-CIS)
	o an assembler
		Use GAS (binary available in languages/gcc-gas.tar.Z
		on OSU-CIS)
	o a linker/loader (/bin/ld)
		This is included in the Foundation Set.
	o system header files
		Alex Crain (alex@umbc3.umbc.edu) has created a set of
		ANSI header files which appeared in Volume 1, Issue 49
		of comp.sources.3b1, with one patch.
	o libraries
		This is the tough one.  There are a bunch of libraries
		that come the Development Set which would be difficult
		to replace.  One of the most important (/lib/libc.a)
		is on the Encryption Set disks in the Foundation Set.
		Supposedly FIXDISK2.0 contains one or more updated
		libraries.  The network and OSU remain good sources
		for strings, POSIX, dirent, etc. libraries.  Of
		course, there are other libraries like /lib/libm.a
		(math) and /lib/libld.a (COFF access) which might be
		more difficult to replace.

	This writer hasn't actually heard of anyone actually pulling
this feat off, but sometimes he has trouble paying attention. ("Eh?")

	(Thanks to Glenn Thobe for providing up-to-date information.)

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