4.4. How do I get multiple login windows?

	It is fairly easy to start up several windows with logins on
them: all you need to do is add additional getty commands to the
/etc/inittab file.  Don't be afraid to edit your /etc/inittab, even
though there is a big warning at the top of the file -- nothing will
happen if you are careful.

		 vid:2:respawn:/etc/getty window 9600
		 vd2:2:respawn:/etc/getty window 9600
		 vd3:2:respawn:/etc/getty window 9600
		^ NOTE: in all cases there is a space character there.

	This will start up 3 windows with logins.  Using the
<Shift><Suspd> key, you can cycle through all of them.

	Another option is to get the Boyd Ostroff's "wlogin" package,
posted to comp.sources.3b1 and available from the archives.  This
program can either replace or work with /etc/getty on the console and
lets you have multiple overlapping 24 line x 80 character windows
using a smaller font.  It will work with or without wmgr, smgr, ph and
ua.  The number of windows and their position is fully configurable by
the user.  If desired, it can provide a simple alternative windowing
environment to the UA, allowing you to remove ua and all its
associated files, thus freeing up over 1 MB of disk space.

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