1.1. What exactly are the AT&T UNIX PC, PC7300, and 3B1?

	The name "UNIX PC" is a catch-all name for a set of machines
developed by Convergent Technologies (now part of Unisys) and sold by
AT&T in the mid to late 80's, all having the same basic configuration:

	o 10MHz 68010 with custom MMU
	o demand paged, virtual memory UNIX (max. process size 2.5M)
	o 10/20/40/67MB disk
	o 512k/1M/2MB RAM
	o monochrome, quasi-Hercules display

	As marketing strategies changed and basic features were added,
the original offering (the PC7300) became known as the 3B1.  The 7300
machines featured 512k RAM on the motherboard with a 10 or 20MB disk.
The later 3B1 machines had 1M or 2M on the motherboard, and came with
a 40 or 67MB disk.  Accommodating the larger, full-height drives in the
3B1 required that a hump be added to the sloping, wedge-shaped case
top.  The 3B1 also has a heftier power supply.

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