4.16. How do I configure a Hayes compatible external modem on the UNIX PC?

	Thanks to Jim Adams, included in the OSU Archives is an
informational posting (posted to unix-pc.uucp and comp.sys.att) on how
to set up your external modem under HDB uucp.  The file is named

	The file uses the "hayes" modem as the example, although
information could probably be extracted for uses with other modems.
If you want information on how to set up your Telebit Trailblazer
modem, get the file tb-setup.sh.Z on OSU.

	This posting was too large to include in its entirety here, so
a completely separate posting was made.  He goes into how to set up
the modem, proper cabling, proper Devices and Dialers entries, and a
discussion on HFC (hardware flow control).

	Additionally, the "modemon" package by Boyd Ostroff provides a
simple way to configure external modems.  It consists of a small
program executed via inittab which can reset your modem and execute
any desired AT commands each time a getty is spawned on the serial
port.  This allows you to configure the modem differently for incoming
and outgoing calls and is especially handy if your modem doesn't have
nonvolatile parameter RAM.  The package includes complete
documentation and examples of how to set up an external modem.  It was
posted to comp.sources.3b1 and is available in the archives.

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