1.3. What are the "OSU Archives"?

	OSU-CIS is an Ohio State University computer system which
holds a very large selection of UNIX-PC-related programs and files.
David Brierley (dave@galaxia.network23.com) is the current maintainer
of the archives.  Ohio State graciously allows both anonymous FTP and
UUCP access to this archive.  For FTP from the Internet, access is via
the machine archive.cis.ohio-state.edu (IP address:

This is the URL for the OSU archives ftp access.

Dave Brierley has also now added www access to the UNIX-PC archives with
this URL.

They recommend the following L.sys (Systems) entries:

	# Direct Trailblazer
	# dead, dead, dead...sigh.  for the 3rd time in as many months.
	#osu-cis Any ACU 19200 1-614-292-5112 in:--in:--in: Uanon
	# Direct V.32 (MNP 4)
	# dead, dead, dead...sigh.
	#osu-cis Any ACU 9600 1-614-292-1153 in:--in:--in: Uanon
	# Micom port selector, at 1200, 2400, or 9600 bps.
	# Replace ##'s below with 12, 24, or 96 (both speed and phone number).
	# Can't use MNP with V.32 on -3196
	osu-cis Any ACU ##00 1-614-292-31## "" \r\c Name? osu-cis nected \c GO \d\r\d\r\d\r\d\r\d\r\d\r\d\r in:--in:--in: Uanon

	The file ~/att7300/README.Z contains a detailed list of the
archive's contents and should be the first thing to get.

	Another source of software for Internet-connected sites is the
anonymous FTP area on ftp.cs.caltech.edu.  Andy Fyfe
(andy@cs.caltech.edu) maintains new versions of TeX and GNU utilities
in the pub/3b1 directory.

[Ed. Note: As far as I know the archive at ftp.cs.caltech.edu for the
           3b1 has been shut down, everything in the caltech archives
	   is mirrored in the OSU archives in ~/pub/att7300/csvax ]

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