1.5. Where can I get my machine serviced or fixed?

	This is difficult, since AT&T no longer supports the machine.
The only remaining possibility appears to be ``A Small Computer Repair
Company'' (ASCRC).  They will diagnose your problem, and repair or
replace the part that is broken.  They will try their hardest to
repair the item first.  You need to send the computer (or just the
component in question) to them.  They will repair/replace it and ship
it back.  Their turn-around time is usually 48-72 hours.  They repair
AT&T's 6300, 6300+, 7300, 3B1 and UNIX PC computers. For more
information and/or to arrange servicing, contact:

		A Small Computer Repair Company
		5762 Dichondra Place
		Newark, CA  94560
		(510) 430-9226 or (510) 793-6980

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