0.2. Table of Contents for part 2 of the faq.

	 0.2.  Table of Contents for part 2 of the faq.
	 5.0.  Upgrading continued.
	 5.3.  Can I really get 4MB of memory, even with a 1.5MB combo 
               card, 512K RAM card, and 2MB of RAM on the motherboard?
	 5.4.  What dynamic memory chips can be used to upgrade a
	 5.4.  Can I hook up a 3.5" 720K floppy drive to my UNIX PC?  How 
               about a 1.2MB or 1.44MB floppy drive?   Can I run both the 
               3.5" drive and the 5.25" drive on my machine somehow?
	 5.5.  Can I put a larger hard disk drive in the UNIX PC?
	 6.0.  Maintenance
	 6.1.  How do I park the hard disk heads before moving the machine?
	 6.2.  How do I open the case and get to the motherboard?
	 6.3.  Why does my fan sometimes speed up and slow down?  Should I
               replace it?
         6.4.  Why has my clock stopped?
	 7.0.  Failures
	 7.1.  What can I do when I turn on my UNIX PC and all I see is
               a "green screen"?
	 7.2.  What can I do when I turn on my UNIX PC and I have no 
	 7.3.  What can I do when I get lots of FDERRs when
               writing/formatting a floppy?
	 7.4.  Why does rn fail with "Can't open /dev/tty" from the
               built-in modem?
	 7.5.  Can I connect my Starlan board to an Ethernet?
	 7.6.  Can I run SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) on my UNIX 
	 7.7.  What are the consequences of "fsck -s" (salvaging the 
	 7.8.  What does the "-s" option to dismount do?
	 7.9.  How do I identify what motherboard revision I have?
	 7.10. How can the monitor fail?
	 8.0.  Mysteries
	 8.1.  What are the LED's left side of the machine for?
	 8.2.  What's /etc/update?  What does it do? 
	 8.3.  Why did the time display at the top of the screen go away?
	 8.4.  How do I stop that darn double-ESC mode on console windows?
	 8.5.  What do I do when the machine hangs at the boot message?
	 8.6.  How can the UNIX PC be made more secure?
	 8.7.  How do I access the expert menus in the diagnostics?
	 9.0.  Credits

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