7.3. What can I do when I get lots of FDERRs when writing/formatting a floppy?

	Jon H. LaBadie, Boyd Ostroff, and Perry Miller have suggested
that there could be accumulated dust blocking the write protect
apparatus on the floppy drive.  The easiest solution for this is to
get a can of compressed air, or blow real hard into the floppy
aperture several times.  This generally will remove the dust or dirt
from the area, and hopefully will solve the problem.  (With the light
being blocked, the floppy drive is considered permanently write

	If the problem persists after you follow the simple solution,
you might have to open the machine, remove the floppy drive, and
perform a closer examination.  If all else fails, a standard TEAC 360K
floppy drive is a one-for-one replacement.

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