7.6. Can I run SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) on my UNIX PC?

	So far there hasn't been anyone who has ported a SLIP device
driver. That would be the optimal solution, but in the interim we do
have an answer for those who want to run SLIP.

	There is the KA9Q/W9NK TCP/IP Version 890421.1 available for
the UNIX PC.  Thanks to Phil Karn (the original developer), Gary
Sanders, and Rob Stampfli, the package supports SLIP which in theory,
over a modem or direct serial line (preferably 9600 baud or higher)
one could use to connect to an Internet machine allowing Dialup/Direct
SLIP logins.  With the pseudo-tty driver (pty) you can have multiple
TELNET sessions (even on the UNIX PC side).  Built into the "net"
package is FTP, TELNET, FINGER, SMTP, and others.

	KA9Q is available from OSU-CIS, Gary Sander's BBS or via
anonymous uucp login on Rob's UNIX PC:

		kd8wk Any ACU 2400 16147598597 in:--in: uucp word: anonymous

	To obtain the net source, issue the following uucp command:

		$ uucp kd8wk!~/pub/netsrc.cpio.Z /usr/spool/uucppublic

	To obtain an executable for the AT&T 7300, enter the following:

		$ uucp kd8wk!~/pub/netexe.7300.Z /usr/spool/uucppublic

	System Name: 	N8EMR
	Phone:		614-895-2553 (19.2K Trailblazer, 2400, 1200)
	Login:		hbbs 
	Data Settings:	8 Bits, NO Parity, 1 Stop Bit
	Times: 		24hrs

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