7.9. How do I identify what motherboard revision I have?

	[Courtesy of Thad Floryan:]

	The board "schematic" number (in copper) near the left rear
corner is quite useful when referencing one of the three sets of
schematics in the Reference Manual.  Often the copper number is
obscured by a white sticker bearing a different number.  BOTH sets of
numbers "almost" uniquely identify your machine.  Peel the white
sticker off and reapply it flanking the copper number.

	The copper board number will (usually) be one of 60-00222-00,
60-00225-00 or 60-00230-00.  If yours is 60-00216-00 you have my
sympathy (the connector to the floppy drive may be pin-for-pin
reversed from that found on all other motherboards, and you probably
have the daughterboard above the motherboard).  The white paper
sticker will bear a printed number something like "60-00237".

	The OTHER "number" to write down for future reference is the
"REV.n" value on the white sticker normally found near the volume
control sliding pot; this will be something like "REV.C", "REV.F",
"REV.J", etc.

	The combination of the two sets of reference designators seems
to uniquely identify all 3B1 systems I've seen.  And note that a
"REV.C" on a "225" board is NOT the same as a "REV.C" on a "230"
board.  And, before you ask, I have NOT been able to determine
precisely what each "REV.n" represents and I doubt that information
still exists even at CT (now UNISYS/NCG).

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