8.4. How do I stop that darn double-ESC mode on console windows?

	Some programs that use the TAM (Terminal Access Method)
library can leave the keyboard (really the shell window) in a strange
state after leaving.  This state is characterized by each press of the
ESC key injecting two 0x1b characters into the input stream.  This
generally doesn't help anybody -- vi beeps too much, emacs is
unusable, etc.  The fix is to issue the following ioctl from a C program:

		#include <sys/window.h>
		ioctl(0, WIOCSESC, 0);	/* to turn off double-esc mode */

	If you really want it back again, do the following:

		ioctl(0, WIOCSESC, 1);	/* to turn on double-esc mode */

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