8.7. How do I access the expert menus in the diagnostics?

	The diagnostic floppy has a mode in it for the more
experienced system tester.  This mode allows the user to skip the
menus and just specify the test to run.  The diagnostic tests can be
run repeatedly for testing intermittent hardware.  The diagnostic
output can be sent to a parallel printer for review later, and also
for unattended testing (since the output can scroll off the screen
rather easily).

	To enter the expert mode, boot the diagnostic disk and type in
"s4test" at the first menu prompt.  The result is the following


	From there you can type "?" for a "semi-verbose" command
syntax, and a list of many of the tests.  For more detail on what
tests and subtests you can do, grab a nice file by Craig Votava
(cmv@ihlpf.att.com) called "s4test.info.Z" from the OSU Archives.

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