5.4. What dynamic memory chips can be used to upgrade a 3b1/7300?

	 The following is a cross-reference list of 256 by 1-bit dynamic
memory chips that are usable for 3b1/7300 memory upgrades:

  AM90C256-xx   AMD  Advanced Micro Devices
   MB81256-xx   FUJ  Fujitsu
   HM50256-xx   HIT  Hitatchi
  HY53C256-xx    -   Hyundai
    P21256-xx    -   Intel
  M5M4256P-xx   MIT  Mitsubishi
   MCM6256-xx   MOT  Motorola
  UPD41256-xx   NEC  NEC Technologies
  MSM41256-xx   OKI  Okidata
   KM41256-xx    -   Samsung
   TMS4256-xx   TI   Texas Instruments
  TMM4256C-xx  TOSH  Toshiba

The digits in xx are speed designations--common values are:
xx=10 for 100ns; xx=12 for 120ns and xx=15 for 150ns.

Since it is now economically advantageous to obtain chips from
third parties (private sales, auctions or hamfests), the
manufacture's LOGO and identification stamped on the chip may
be the only clues one has for a scavenger hunt.  If the
experimentalist is not familiar with the Manufacture's LOGOs,
a perusal of a computer magazine (PC World, etc.) should
help one to become familiar with most of them.  Good hunting!

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