6.1. How do I park the hard disk heads before moving the machine?

	The Miniscribe and Hitachi disks used in the 40MB and 67MB
machines parks the heads automatically (and loudly) when the power is
turned off.  (That's that *clunk* sound you hear when you hit the
power switch.)  Also note that many newer drives have auto-parking
mechanisms -- check with your specific manufacturers for more

	If your drive doesn't auto-park (many Seagates don't), or you
want to make extra sure that the heads are in the parked position,
then after the machine is shutdown insert the Diagnostics floppy disk
and boot from it.  Select "Park Disk Heads" from the Diagnostics menu.

	Note that the older 7300 machines have 10 or 20MB disks which
do not auto-park.  If you're buying one used (especially at an auction
or a fair), you may want to bring along a diagnostics diskette to make
sure the disk is okay.

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