games/NH313.src.tgz (93/12/09)
The source code for Nethack version 3.1.3 . This code has had the modification of having a weight and lick display on the bottom line. Compile time takes about 4 or 5 hours. Packaged by Kevin Colagio.
games/bugs.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
"Space Invaders" bitmap graphics game.
games/ (91/10/12)
Interesting little hack to plot a little chaos using bitmap graphics. Includes recently posted performance patch.
games/chess..gz (93/02/26)
A version of chess, that I've (BLS) installed on the 7300/3b1. However, I seem to remember having to make some changes from this source before it would work, so caveat emptor. I'll try to upload the modified version and a binary soon.
games/crabs.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
"Crabs" bitmap graphic display hack.
games/dungeon.tar.gz (93/03/17)
A version of the classic adventure, that I've (BLS) run on the 7300/3b1. Same caveat as for chess.
games/klondke.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
Tom Tkacik's solitare program (klondike). Very good graphics for the playing cards.
games/life.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
A nifty, unix-pc bitmap graphics version of Conway's Game of Life.
games/mines.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
Boom, you're dead. The game of 'mines.' Uses UNIXpc bitmap graphics.
games/moire.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
Another unix-pc bitmap graphics program. Displays moire patterns. A great way to burn spare CPU cycles!
games/moria-bin.tar.gz (95/03/27)
games/moria.README (95/03/27)
According to the README file, this is "umoria version 5.5.2". It is a game similar in concept to nethack. Compiled and packaged for the 3B1 by John Bunch.
games/nethack313.tgz (93/12/09)
Here are the binary and support files for Nethack 3.1.3 as compiled from the above source. Packaged by Kevin Colagio.
games/nh312.big.t.gz (93/06/22)
games/nh312.readme (93/06/28)
games/nh312.tar.gz (93/06/22)
A copy of Nethack 3.1.2 for the 3B1/7300. See the file "games/nh312.readme" for details.
games/omega.tar.Z (91/10/12)
[From the help files] omega is a complex rogue-style game of dungeon exploration. Unlike other such games, there are a number of ways to "win", depending on various actions taken during play. Packaged for the 3B1/7300 by
games/robots.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
A kind of addicting curses(3X) based "avoid the attacking robots" game.
games/rocks.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
Interesting little "asteroids" rip-off using UNIXpc bitmap graphics.
games/rogue.tar.gz (93/03/17)
A version of rogue (for those who want to start smaller than nethack) I've (BLS) run on the 7300/3b1. Same caveat as chess.
games/shoot.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
A UNIXpc-graphics shoot-em-up game.
games/tetrix.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
An annoyingly difficult game of Tetris, using bitmap graphics. Warning: instantly addictive.