Graphics Software

graphics/ (91/10/12)
Some sort of new window mangler and related utilities.
graphics/ (91/10/12)
Hardware access to video display.
graphics/cdraw.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Very briefly, "Cheap Draw" is a drawing package for the UNIXpc. It lets you create pictures consisting of lines, circles, boxes, polygons, text, etc.
graphics/close.gz (91/10/12)
Window iconifier.
graphics/ (91/10/12)
A set of routines and test/demos ported from the DMD/Blit terminals.
graphics/facedsp.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Gil Kloepfer's USENIX FaceSaver display program, version 1.1. This will display all USENIX FaceSaver images on the UNIXpc screen. Images can be ftp/uucp'd from in ~/faces directory, or by using the mail server at (send "help") for more information.
graphics/fatbit.gz (91/10/12)
The fatbit editor is used to create a static array which can be used in your C programs to incorporate pictures into your application. With some enhancement it could be used for font or icon creation as well.
graphics/image.3btools.gz (91/10/12)
A ray traced image example for use with 3b1tools.
graphics/mac73.gz (91/10/12)
Display MacPaint files on the UNIXpc console display (see also showpaint).
graphics/pbm-bin.tar.gz (91/10/12)
graphics/pbm-man.tar.gz (91/10/12)
graphics/pbm-src.tar.gz (91/10/12)
The PBMPLUS tools (found in the X distribution) for converting many different bitmap and raster formats to other formats. There's conversions for GIF, MGR, MAC Paint, etc. pbm-src.tar contains only the source and manual pages, as found in the X-windows distribution. pbm-bin.tar is the 3B1 compiled binaries, and pbm-man.tar is the manual pages to help you with the binaries.
graphics/pbm3b1.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
graphics/pbmtolq.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Two tools by Steve Barber that accent the PBM Tools available from local comp.sources.unix archives. pbm3b1 is a portable bitmap to 3b1 image display program, and pbmtolq is a portable bitmap to Epson LQ raster image.
graphics/showpaint.gz (91/10/12)
Another utility to display MacPaint files on the UNIXpc (see also mac73).
graphics/ (91/10/12)
Examples of the wrastop() function.
graphics/starchart.driver.gz (91/10/12)
A Yale starchart driver for the UNIXpc.