Kernel Related Software

kernel/ESCCOMBO+IN.gz (94/12/06)
A replacement combo driver and associated hardware mods that will allow you to run at 38.4K on a combo card, coutesy of Charles Green . Here 'tis. Anyone with $25 or so to spend on a Z85230, and a rev 'F' combo card they don't mind removing a couple of resistors from should now be able to have a 38400 bps interface on their 3b1. I've gotten throughput over 3000 chars/sec using Taylor UUCP, so I suppose there might be someone else out there who would like to have it.
kernel/FIXDISK2.0+IN.gz (91/10/12)
This is the UA-installable incarnation of UNIXpc Fixdisk 2.0 for version 3.51. You *must* have version 3.51 of the UNIXpc system software in order to install these fixes. NB: you do NOT need Fixdisk 1.0 in order to install 2.0. In fact, all the 1.0 fixes are contained in the 2.0 fixdisk. And no, it is not possible to compress this file, as it contains compressed files.
kernel/NKBD+IN.gz (91/10/12)
UA-installable version of Mike Ditto's "new keyboard driver." Swaps the function of the CAPS-LOCK and CTRL keys: left CTRL key becomes a "meta" key (some other enhancements too). Source is separate (see nkbd.cpio.gz). This is an enhanced version of the CAPCTRL driver available in the STORE area. NB: all the functionality of NKBD is contained in the new keyboard driver contained in FIXDISK2.0.
kernel/ (91/10/12)
Can be used to make it possible to change some configurable parameters in UNIX 3.51m. Mark Dapoz was able to create a conf.h header file for use with the kernel object modules (kern.cpio.gz required)
kernel/devfd.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Mike Ditto's /dev/fd device driver.
kernel/devrom.gz (91/10/12)
Makes the UNIXpc boot ROM readable as a device (/dev/rom).
kernel/ (91/10/12)
Lenny Tropiano included some conf.h patches to be able link in the loadable floppy-tape (tp.o) device driver with the floppy unix (for making restoral from floppy unix using tape easier) ( and kern.cpio.gz required)
kernel/kdb.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Kernel DeBugger (loadable device driver). Or maybe it's De Kernel Buggerer? Depends on your skill.
kernel/kern.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Relocatable object files used to link the 3.51m kernel. See and for more information.
kernel/nkbd.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Source for NKBD+IN (Mike Ditto's "new keyboard driver").
kernel/ (91/10/12)
Latest version of the public domain System V pty driver, customized for the UNIXpc.
kernel/s4diag.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Enhanced version of the UNIXpc diagnostic program that permits formatting hard disks with > 8 heads and/or > 1024 cylinders.
kernel/ (91/10/12)
Documents the various "s4test" expert-mode diagnostic routines accessible through the UNIXpc diagnostic disk.
kernel/serial.pat (91/10/12)
Patch the 3.51m kernel to improve serial-line character throughput.
kernel/uipc.tar.gz (91/10/12)
Most up-to-date version of Alex Crain's socket code. This includes a select() system call in the device driver, along with a socket library.
kernel/ (91/10/12)
Mike Ditto's "video ram" device driver.