MGR Windowing System

mgr/ify_bin.gz (91/10/12)
Iconify an MGR window.
mgr/mgr+f4.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Source code to the MGR-window system developed by Bellcore, but then ported by Brad Bosch and Brian Botton. This port is still considered *beta* although it's fairly stable and has few bugs. This windowing environment is "Sun-like". This requires a hardware modification called the VIDPAL which allows direct access to video memory. For more information on the VIDPAL, write Brian Botton at
mgr/ (91/10/12)
Display the load average of the system in bar-graph form in a MGR window, this requires MGR windowing system runtime to be used, and cannot be used without it. Expect to see the MGR window system port to the UNIX PC to soon lose it's beta status (and then it will appear here for the world to use). Remember MGR requires Brian Botton's VIDPAL hardware modification.
mgr/rmgr.shar.gz (91/10/12)
Remote MGR windows, requires the MGR-windowing system, which in turn requires the VIDPAL.