Miscellaneous Software

misc/ansmach.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Gil Kloepfer's Voice Power Answering Machine program. It's a complete working answering machine that utilitizes digitized sound and text-to-speech. Must have the Voice Power hardware to use.
misc/bf.sh.gz (91/10/12)
"Block find" utility, version 1.3. Given a logical disk block number, return the inode number to which it belongs. Useful for tracking down the files to which bad blocks are allocated.
misc/cpiosz.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
This is a utility that will compute the number of floppies it will take to do a backup using cpio, it reports the number of floppies and time, taking into account size of floppy and blocking or non-blocking cpio options.
misc/dis.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Alex Crain's UNIXpc/MC68k object code disassembler. But is it a disassembler or a dissembler? On sait jamais!
misc/dsplit.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Utility to assist in splitting backups across multiple disk volumes.
misc/dstconvert.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Lenny Tropiano's utility to patch C libraries, the shlib, and non-shlib executables to conform to the new Daylight Savings Time switchover date.
misc/edaemon.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Mike Ditto's "error daemon." Takes over some of the functionality of /etc/smgr (if you decide not to run smgr).
misc/email.sh.gz (91/10/12)
A program that properly and safely handles clicks on the mail icon displayed by smgr (that's the thing that looks like an envelope).
misc/epfilter.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Darren Friedlein's tool to dump the MGR window to a Epson/Star printer.
misc/exercis.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
A small program to benchmark disk speed performance. It implements several different tests, converging seeks, long seeks, random seeks, and sequential seeks and times them...
misc/fake.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Find and edit the line that generated the error in Make.
misc/fformat.sh.gz (91/10/12)
A set of scripts and tools to format UNIX and MSDOS floppies on the UNIXpc. This will handle the 5.25" and 3.5" (360K and 720K) floppy disks.
misc/fkey.gz (91/10/12)
This is a quick hack to let UNIXpc users who use the ksh in emacs (or gmacs) mode use the eight SLK function keys.
misc/float_patch.gz (91/10/12)
Binary patch to fix the bug in the double precision floating point math.
misc/fsanaly.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
File system analyzer, Version 4.2. Useful little utility to analyze a filesystem and tell you how fragmented and generally garbaged-up you've made it.
misc/fsokay.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Various hacks to bootstrap initialization routines to improve the way the filesystem is checked.
misc/fuser.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Find the process(es) using a given file (a Mike Ditto production).
misc/index.tar.gz (93/12/09)
User defined and configured database. I use it for keeping track of my books, CDs, tapes, and phone numbers. Packaged by Kevin Colagio.
misc/ivfix.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
A binary patch program to patch /etc/iv to allow you to format >1024 cylinders. It patches the binary to support HDMAXCYL (1400) cylinders.
misc/keyfix.sh.gz (91/10/12)
The prolific Mike Ditto's utility for re-mapping the function of any key on the keyboard.
misc/kfeatur.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Utility to allow setting of various keyboard driver options (new in window driver provided in fixdisk 2.0 for 3.51 software only) under program control.
misc/kill-mouse.gz (91/10/12)
How to kill that darn mouse arrow, and keep it dead.
misc/lavg-daemon.Z (91/10/12)
A background daemon to track and log system load average. If you're interested in this, you'll probably find sysinfo more interesting.
misc/lcomp.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Profiling aid: "cheap dynamic instruction counting."
misc/learn.tar.gz (93/12/09)
A tutorial for files, editing, and some 'C' programming. Not really for the root user, but if you have others on the system who have no idea what they are doing, it is a good start. Packaged by Kevin Colagio.
misc/lgi.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
A login-initialization utility. Prints last-login date, and various other statistics. Compare with llog-tf.
misc/limit.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
A program to limit the time users use on your system. This program is the shell in /etc/passwd, which exec's your favorite shell (compiled to use /bin/ksh), and will stay around as a parent that can't be killed to monitor the time the user is logged in. It will warn the user when they are about to be bopped.
misc/llog-tf.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Thad Floryan's lastlogin utility. Display date and time of last login.
misc/logbook.sh.gz (91/10/12)
A small program to print out /etc/pwcntl in a readable format. Example on how to use qsort(3C).
misc/lpset.c.gz (91/10/12)
Small program to set parameters the line printer "LP(7)" device driver. The parameters are: indentation, columns per page, lines per page. This is similar to "/usr/bin/setprint"
misc/man.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
A compiled "man" program.
misc/mapmem.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Visual, dynamically-updated display of memory/page/swap allocation map.
misc/mkmanifest.gz (91/10/12)
Filename conversion utilities for MS-DOS interoperability. (???)
misc/mtls25.cpio.gz (92/02/21)
Version 2.5 of the mtools package. Used for reading and writing MSDOS format floppy disks.
misc/mtls-bin.tgz (96/10/20)
Binaries for the mtools package above.
misc/newmgr.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Andy Fyfe's replacement to /etc/wmgr (Window Manager), /etc/smgr (Status Manager) and /etc/ph (Phone Manager). It replaces that top line on the UNIX PC, with 90% of the functionality, but at least you have source!
misc/obminit.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Roger Florkowski's tool to initialize the phone lines (voice and data) to tone, pulse, message-waiting, etc. Replacement for the /etc/phupd program.
misc/ofiles.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
This program, similar to the BSD version, will tell you what processes (if any) have the file specified on command line open. Similar to fuser(1M).
misc/packdsk.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Latest version of Andy Fyfe's file system trash compactor. After you've run fsanalyze and seen the error of your ways, here's your ticket to a healthy, happy filesystem. Unless it destroys your superblock, that is.
misc/patch.tar.gz (93/03/17)
A version of patch.
misc/pbutton.gz (91/10/12)
"The Panic Button." It opens a small window right next to the "W" icon and waits. As soon as that window is selected, it expands and runs a shell. When the shell is exited, PB returns to its sleeping status.
misc/pfkeys.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Take the shifted-Fn keys away from the phone manager, and tag useful functions to it, like spawning shells, running often run programs, etc.
misc/renice.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Mike Ditto's utility for altering the "nice" value of an active process.
misc/reroute.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Reroute mail in an outgoing HDB uucp queue. Version 1.3.
misc/resize.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Resize will set the TERMCAP, LINES, and COLUMNS environment variables for the particular window size currently active.
misc/sc6.21.cpio.gz (92/09/21)
Version 6.21 of the SC spreadsheet program.
misc/sendmail-5.58.cpio.gz (94/02/18)
This is the source for sendmail version 5.58, modified to run on the 3B1. It is configured to compile without networking support. If you have networking on your machine and want to use sendmail in conjunction with it, it should be relatively easy. Note: the binary distribution of sendmail 5.58 is no longer available in the archives, it has been replaced with a copy of sendmail 5.65 with the IDA enhancements.
misc/sendmail-5.64.tar.gz (94/02/18)
This is the source for sendmail version 5.64, modified to run on the 3B1. It is configured to compile without networking support. If you have networking on your machine and want to use sendmail in conjunction with it, it should be relatively easy.
misc/sendmail5.65_1.gz (92/09/21)
misc/sendmail5.65_2.gz (92/09/21)
misc/sendmail5.65_3.gz (92/09/21)
misc/sendmail5.65_4.gz (92/09/21)
Sendmail version 5.65 plus the IDA extensions. Courtesy of Dave Snyder.
misc/setgettty.gz (91/10/12)
Replacement for the setgetty program.
misc/spice-bin.cp.gz (91/10/12)
misc/spice-hlp.cp.gz (91/10/12)
misc/spice-src.cp.gz (91/10/12)
Here is the UNIXpc port of SPICE/NUTMEG (circuit simulation tool). This version 3c1 supports plotting graphics on the UNIX pc screen. The source is the generic complete source, containing drivers for many other display mechanisms. The source is to be compiled with gcc/gas 1.39, which can be gotten here. It takes almost 9 hours to compile, optimized. The spice-bin.cp.Z is here for that convenience, you will *NOT* need the source or -hlp file if you get the spice-bin.cp.Z, it now contains all the files needed to run spice 3c1. The spice-hlp.cp.Z corrects a bug that was found between April 14 and April 17th, if you ftp'd or uucp'd it from osu, you can grab this file which fixes the help files.
misc/spr.sh.gz (91/10/12)
A replacement for sprint(1) the screen print program. This program is modeled for an Epson LQ printer, but could be easily generalized for other printers. The aspect ratio for the screen is handled correctly.
misc/strings.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
These two strings walk into a bar and... No, it's actually a useful little tool for examining the text strings lurking in an object file.
misc/sudo.gz (91/10/12)
Execute a command as root.
misc/syslog.shar.gz (92/09/21)
[paraphrased from the readme file] Syslog Libraries and Binarys for AT&T 3B1. Packaged for the 3B1/7300 by David A Snyder. Thanks go to John F. Haugh II for a wonderful job on making syslog(1), syslog(3), and syslogd(8) available to us 3B1'ers.
misc/tlimit.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Enforce a login time limit for interactive users.
misc/undump.gz (91/10/12)
misc/undump.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Version of the 'undump' utility supplied with the TeX/LaTeX system patched to work on the UNIXpc, and then modified by Alex Crain. This is the most up-to-date version of 'undump'. It takes a 'core' file and an executable image and creates a new executable with the binary pre-initialized.
misc/unstrip.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Mike Ditto's "unstrip" utility. Reverses the operation of strip(1), adding the symbol table back to a stripped executable to ease symbolic debugging.
misc/usnotime.gz (91/10/12)
Yet another way to set the system clock based on "correct" time accessed over dialup. [I prefer NISTime]
misc/uuencode.sh.gz (91/10/12)
Uuencode/uudecode: convert files between binary and text.
misc/vacation.sh.gz (91/10/12)
An "I'm on vacation" daemon for use with Berkeley sendmail (or any mail delivery agent that allows the piping of mail to programs).
misc/vi_modeline.patch.gz (91/10/12)
misc/vick.gz (91/10/12)
Check files before you vi them in case danger lurks in a modeline. NB: the vi_modeline.patch should make this unnecessary.
misc/vifix.shar.Z (91/10/12)
Patch to vi to disable the potentially dangerous "modelines" option. vifix.shar is binary patch program that will patch /usr/bin/vi to remove the vi's modeline "feature" (or mis-feature as I call it...)
misc/vsee.gz (91/10/12)
misc/vsee.patch.gz (91/10/12)
Something similar to uuencode, but for UNIXpc pixel images.
misc/vulture.gz (91/10/12)
Another kind of sysinfo utility.
misc/wind.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
Some kind of window utility?
misc/windy.cpio.gz (91/10/12)
This utility, also found in STORE/WINDY+IN, is a useful tool for spawning off programs in their own window.
misc/workicon.sh.gz (91/10/12)
A program to edit your working icon to make it anything you want.
misc/write.gz (91/10/12)
A version of write(1) that doesn't use /dev/error.
misc/wx.gz (91/10/12)
Basically, this uses the unix-pc's speaker, dialer, and windows/forms to provide a interface allowing the user to enter text data and pick item(s) from menus instead of having to translate everything to 12 keys.
misc/xref.gz (91/10/12)
These programs are designed to create a cross-reference listing of the symbols defined in your libraries, showing where they are defined.