Text Processing

text/PS.tar.Z (92/02/21)
A postscript previewer for the 3B1. This program is fairly old and runs *extremely* slow but it does work. However, you would probably be better off getting the ghostscript program from the csvax directory.
text/texmgr.cpio.Z (91/10/12)
Ross Jekel's TeX DVI previewer for the MGR windowing environment. (source only)
text/tmd.README (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxaa (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxab (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxac (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxad (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxae (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxaf (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxag (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxah (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxai (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxaj (91/11/21)
text/tmd.cp.Zxak (91/11/21)
`tmd' refers to (T)eX, (M)etafont, and (d)vips. This is a combined package of TeX 3.1, Metafont 2.7 and dvips 5.47 with a few fonts for a write-black Adobe PostScript printer. For more information, see the file "text/tmd.README".